Dear Brides and Grooms of 2020


April 8, 2020

I know this is such a difficult and unprecedented time with new challenges you never thought you had to face. You’ve worked so hard to plan the most beautiful wedding of your dreams and not a detail has been missed – this is so hard. My heart goes out to all of my clients (and all couples) going through this. This pandemic has impacted all of us and has cheated us out of the most important things in our lives. I want to acknowledge that it’s okay to feel sad and give yourself permission to mourn the loss of what would have been your wedding day. I believe it’s so important to let yourself feel what you need to feel to get through this. Keeping things in perspective is also so important because it will help you have a game plan of how you want to proceed especially when all those emotions come rolling back. And that’s okay! 

If I could be of any help these are my suggestions to all brides and grooms moving forward with their wedding day:

First, if you’re still planning on getting married in 2020. Here are so questions you should consider answering:

  1. Are you able to apply for a marriage licence?
  2. How important is that you get married soon? When you think about waiting longer to be married to your fiance, how does that make you feel?
  3. What do you value most regarding your wedding day? The details? The guest list? Celebrating with your family and friends?
  4. What would bring you peace or relief?
  5. Further, let’s talk about some options that you should consider:

Option 1: Postpone your wedding date to the fall if you still want to get married this year, or postpone to 2021 to reduce the likelihood of it getting rescheduled again. Check with your venue and vendors’ to ensure availability.

Option 2: Sit Tight. If your wedding is still a few months away, it might be best to not make any decisions just yet. If this option make you feel stressed, exploring your other options might make more sense.

Option 3: Elope or Intimate (Small) Wedding – Consider how you feel about not having your dream wedding and dig deep of what’s really important. If you’re eager to get married sooner rather than later, eloping is a great option and possibly having the reception with your loved ones at another date.

Second, making a plan, knowing your goals and priorities all while keeping your vision will help reduce any stress and anxiety you’re feeling.

  1. Consider which vendors you would/ or would not be willing to give up. Create a list/ write it down.
  2. Consider which wedding activities you be willing or not willing to give up.
  3. What do you want most out of your wedding day? This is so important to make sure you don’t get disappointed.

In conclusion, I hope all of these questions and suggestions have helped you dig deep to determine what’s most important as a couple and has given you some insight and encouragement. I love the quote, “love is not cancelled,” but rather it is reminding us that we can still celebrate our love, the relationships we hold with our dearest family and friends are sacred and incredibly important. We will get through this that much stronger.




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