Romantic Summer Wedding in Toronto, ON


March 29, 2020

A recently came across a quote that really resonated with me, “So far you’ve made it through 100% of your hardest days.” And I know there’s so many of us going through a lot right now. There’s so much uncertainty but with that there’s still hope that things will get better soon. Celebrations will begin again and this too shall pass. So, I just want to remind you to keep pushing through, don’t let fear set in but rather gratitude for our family and friends and our health.

I am grateful for being at home with my three boys and husband. We’ve spent more time playing together, snuggling on the couch watching Disney+ on repeat, and discovering that my husband makes killer arts and crafts for the boys. I didn’t even know he had that side in him.

I’ve chosen to work on my business and finally finish all the projects I’ve been wanting to get to but couldn’t because being a mom of three boys hasn’t been easy. But even with a positive mind set and staying productive, I have days I fall off the wagon and I let the anxiety creep in. It’s hard not to worry about all of my cancelled or postponed shoots. So much hard work has gone into making my business more purposeful but I’ve realized it’s okay to feel like this and tomorrow will be another day filled with hope.

Since I can’t be out there shooting I started going through wedding galleries from this past summer.

Looking back at Bonnie & Adrian’s wedding day has me reminiscing and dreaming of more beautiful weddings.

Bride and groom sharing first look  Bride and groom sharing a kiss on their wedding day
Bride looking down at her wedding dressBride and groom portraits at Humber Bay Parkromantic black and white of bride and groom 
couple enjoying a walk in toronto
into the woods with bride and groomromantic moment between newly weds

couple portrait session after saying I do
bride and groom posing inspiration
groom kissing his bride

beautiful bride holding her bouquet

handsome groom posing for wedding portraits
beautiful bride
groom on his wedding day at humber bay park toronto

bridal party inspiration walking and laughing

bride and groom share kiss during sunset
humber bay park bridge
couple portrait session after saying I do
romantic moment between bride and groom
wedluxe toronto bride and groom wedding inspiration

  1. Christine says:

    These are beautiful!

  2. Amber says:

    I have been working on unfinished projects as well…it’s hard to be at home so much, but a bit easier when you realize how much you’re getting done! I hope you’re able to find time to go through some more old shoots, these photos are very pretty!

  3. Mom of three girls here! I hear you loud and clear on the anxiety train. It’s hard when you’re constantly worrying about them and their safety. Anytime I start feeling anxious I just start praying. Love these beautiful images! That bridge shot is epic!❤️

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