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January 17, 2020

First Looks & Why We Love Them

I’d like to take a minute and chat about First Looks. When Ryan and I had our destination wedding in Jamaica 6.5 years ago, this wasn’t a thing AND I wish it was because I love everything about the concept. When First Looks started getting popular, I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical about them. I’m your romantic at heart, sentimental and adventurous bride but the idea of a First Look, ruined the “aisle moment” for me. How many of you have had these thoughts? What if I told you that starting this new tradition is so much more powerful, special, and intimate?


The Reaction

Your groom’s reaction can be soaked in for so much longer without everyone starring at you, rather getting those first moments to really be in the moment with one another. He can touch you, embrace you, kiss you, even whisper how stunning you look, something you can’t do normally. He can’t even speak to you for 30 minutes and by that time he’s initial reaction would have worn off. Another thing that a lot of brides don’t realize is that you get double the reaction from the groom. Since first looks help calm the nerves, we find that the groom’s reaction after is even more powerful when he sees you again at ceremony.

Your Only Alone Time

Another reason I love this new tradition so much is due the fact that it’s the only alone time you have together all day. This would have been my number one reason Ryan and I would have had a First Look. Our ceremony wasn’t until 4pm!!!! We spent so much of our wedding day apart. Everyone always tell you that the day goes by so fast and to soak up every moment. This is certainly the number one way to slow down time and enjoy one of the most beautiful day of your lives together.

Double the Portraits

As a photographer, I can say you will be left with more memories, double the portraits, and a shorter wait time for you to arrive to the reception. When you wait to do all of your portraits after the ceremony, (family portraits, bridal party, bride and groom portraits, then touch up hair and makeup and travel to the reception) that can be a more time consuming process. This often results in rushed portraits which causes stress because instead of enjoying your portrait time, you’re now worrying about your guests having to wait for you. And with a less stressful timeline, you will be be able to sneak away for a few minutes and get those EPIC and GORGEOUS portraits at golden hour and soak in that you’re MARRIED!!!! 

More Reasons why it will save your timeline

Fall/winter brides, this one is for you! You definitely need to consider this in your timeline. If your wedding date happens when fall daylight savings ends, then sunset happens earlier and that’s something to think about. By doing a first look, you get to take advantage of having the majority of your images in the beautiful natural daylight instead of artificial light or flash.

I could go on about why I love first looks, but I know they’re not for everyone. There are wedding timelines where a first look is not in the best interest of the couple because they have priorities that would interfere with this, and that’s okay! Every wedding is unique and I encourage my brides to look at all of the options and make a decision that benefits them the most.

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